The E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria (E-PPAN) is a non-profit organization representing the Nigerian e-payment industry and its body of stakeholders, with a holistic, result –oriented approach to driving the growth of e-payment industry in Nigeria. E-PPAN is established with the objective of providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the e-payment industry to interact and reach common agreement on various industry issues.

Currently, E-PPAN has over 60 corporate members and her membership spans through multiple industries, including financial institutions, all major switches, card acquirers, ecommerce, telecoms, issuers and processors in Nigeria while the Governing Board comprises of current industry leaders. Much of our activities are driven through Advocacy, Publications; Conferences; Capacity building and Public Campaigns Initiatives.

E-PPAN also runs periodic techno-interactive forums on topical issues and provides valuable materials for our members and other stakeholders in the industry. We enjoy positive relationship with the Central Bank of Nigeria and relate effectively with other government agencies affecting our industry.