Advocacy is a key aspect of E-PPAN’s overall strategic approach. Our defined priority is to assist members in influencing the development of appropriate standards for the common benefit of the electronic payment industry, end users, consumers and regulatory authorities.

  • Government Affairs

E-PPAN’s influence is directly linked to its capacity to interact and partner with the Central Bank of Nigeria on regulations that govern the electronic payments industry. We influence the policy environment by applying pressure strategically to key decision makers to change the business environments positively for our members. We keep bring our members up to speed on policies and regulatory decisions impacting our industry.

  • Industry Affairs

E-PPAN advances the interests of our members by working vigorously to represent their views. Our strategy includes cultivating professional relationships with other industry professional groups and international organizations that are the key drivers in the industry.

E-PPAN’s desired result is to be heard and to ensure that members interest are taken care of by collaborating on key issues to find answers to business challenges that affect the safety and security of payments. As an Association, we try to facilitate the resolutions of issues between our members. We are very objective and deal with issues using integrity. We ensure that critical issues are factored into perspective for the growth and advancement of the payment industry in Nigeria.

  • End-Users Affairs

E-PPAN advocates for the transition from cash to digital payments in a way that advances financial inclusion. To capture the bottom of the pyramid into the formal financial main stream, E-PPAN continually liaise with other industry players to bring awareness on leveraging the use of electronic payment system in Nigeria.

We continually come up with strategies and actions to influence the people’s need to embrace e-payment channels, attract them into the financial system and also enable access to other financial benefits.

With the full and coordinated support of its members, E-PPAN has successfully carried out mobilization and sensitization on cashless policy in different states of the federation. With this approach we have been able to make notable impact in the value chain ecosystem.