Card Skimming around ATM’s

There are various scams and social engineering tactics that card fraud perpetrators use to dupe unsuspecting ATM users with the sole purpose of skimming their bank cards. Here is a tip of the most prevalent scams:

Skimming of card and shoulder surfing customer PIN’s
A person claiming to be working for a bank approaches unsuspecting ATM users while they are standing on an ATM queue and advises them to ‘re-activate’ their cards by swiping the card through a ‘card reactivating device’. Unbeknown to the victim, the device in the perpetrators’ possession is not ‘card reactivating device’ but a hand held skimming device. Incidents of this nature can either happen prior to the victim performing their transaction on the ATM or after. Often there would be a second or even third person (accomplices) loitering around the ATM shoulder surfing for the customer PIN’s.

The perpetrators would then use the information stolen through the skimming of the card to manufacture a counterfeit card, which when matched with the customer PIN’s, is used to make fraudulent transactions.

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