Point-of-Sale(POS) Security Tips

Hackers are continuously looking for opportunities to breach established security protocols, either for self-gratification or as part of a crime syndicate. In today’s information era, hacked information has become a commodity. Hacking attacks are directed at all types of business establishments, irrespective of size. Below are a few valuable TIPS based on Verizon’s research into thousands of security breaches affecting companies like yours that use point-of-sale (POS) systems to process customer payments:

  • Change administrative passwords on all POS systems
  • Implement a firewall or access control list on remote access/administration services

    If hackers can’t reach your system, they can’t easily steal from it. After that, you may also wish to consider these:
  • Avoid using POS systems to browse the web (or anything else on the Internet for that matter)
  • Make sure your POS is a PCI DSS compliant application 
  • If a third-party vendor looks after your POS systems, we recommend asking them to confirm that these things have been done.
  • If possible, obtain documentation. (ask your vendor)
  • Following these simple practices will save a lot of wasted money, time, and other troubles for your business and your customers.

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