Membership to E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria is open to all companies, organizations and professional bodies that drive the acceptance of e-payments and also provide products and services to enable acceptance of electronic payments. We also have Industry Partners as our member. This is defined as non-payment service providers and includes private equity, venture capitalists, research and consulting firms, law firms, and other affiliate organizations.

  • Guidelines for becoming a member

The membership form must contain the name of at least one contact person at your organisation. This person will be our primary contact point with your organisation, although other employees (as many as you like) can also choose to receive information from E-PPAN. To apply for membership to join E-PPAN, simply complete the online membership application form, a staff of E-PPAN Secretariat will contact you. You can enjoy these benefits and more when you pay an annual membership due of N250, 000 only. If you have any other questions please email us or call the E-PPAN secretariat offices.

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For information kindly contact
Onajite Regha on or call the Secretariat on +234 1 342 6493