About the 2017 Conference!

The Annual Payment Systems and Fraud Conference is a veritable rallying ground for all electronic payment compliance industries to deliberate on payment systems, fraud knowledge & trend.

It is attended annually by senior level executives across industries such as Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Judiciary, Government Agencies, Healthcare, Retail, SMEs etc to network, and brainstorm on the latest trends and technological innovations in electronic payment ecosystem as well as to learn winning strategies for managing risks and prevent fraud.

The 2017 conference with the theme “Leveraging Big Data Analytics In Combating Payment Fraud” is in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria, Nigeria Police Force, Nigeria Electronic Fraud Forum (NeFF), Committee of e-Banking Industry Head (CeBIH), Committee of Chief Compliance Officers of Banks in Nigeria (CCCOBIN), Information Security Society of Africa–Nigeria (ISSAN), Association of Chief Audit Executives of Bank in Nigeria (ACAEBIN) and the support of SABRIC and Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

According to the report released by IBM Corporation, almost $4.7trillion is projected global cost of fraud, as 71% of customers are somewhat likely to switch banks due to fraud, while 65% of customers would never or are very unlikely to do business again with a company that experienced a data breach where financial data was stolen.

However, to mitigate these ugly trends and its resultant damage on organization brand image and consumer confidence, regulators and stakeholders in the industry must formulate and brace up to  new and proactive approach of fighting fraud using big data and analytics capabilities.

This year our objectives are to: Come up with new and proactive ways of fighting fraud using Data AnalyticsLeverage on the use of Data Analytics in an industry collaborative approach to manage and prevent electronic fraud; and Set agenda for government and other relevant stakeholders on the need to synchronize various silos of data to help manage the Nigerian payment landscape.

Fraud and financial crime can no longer be an acceptable cost of doing business. Fraud schemes are growing more sophisticated, the costs are getting higher and customer expectations are ever-increasing.

Why you should attend?

  • Attend the Conference to engage with thought leadership from a number of leading companies who will discuss best practices;
  • share knowledge and expertise about the gathering and storing of relevant data, mining it for patterns, discrepancies and anomalies; and how to use the findings to translate this knowledge into actionable insights that allow financial institutions to manage potential threats and
  • develop a proactive fraud detection environment.

Sponsorship and Exhibition opportunities

The Annual Payment Systems and Fraud Conference offers sponsoring or exhibiting companies the perfect chance to increase awareness, sales leads, extensive exposure amongst our target audience as well as ranking yourself as an industry leader and major role player.

This event creates a unique platform for sponsors and exhibitors to reach high powered delegates and receive maximum exposure to their products and services.

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