Counterfeit Card Fraud

Counterfeit card fraud is fraud generally arising from a card that has been illegally manufactured from information stolen on the magnetic strip of a genuinely issued card. In other cases, lost and stolen cards and old cards are encoded with information stolen from a genuine card for purposes of committing counterfeit card fraud. The information needed for counterfeit card fraud is usually stolen through card skimming of a genuine card. What is Card Not Present Fraud?

What to Do to Prevent Falling Victim to Card Fraud:

  • Never let the card out of your sight when making payments. Always follow your card with your eyes
  • Report any suspicious behavior by the person to whom you have handed your card when making payments immediately to your Bank
  • Never accept help from anyone at the ATM
  • Know what your ATM looks like, so that you are able to notice any foreign objects attached to it.
  • Never use an ATM that is tampered with or visibly damaged; this may be a ploy to force you to use another ATM in close proximity on which a device may be mounted
  • Report any foreign objects on ATM, or suspicious people loitering around ATM’s to your bank immediately

What to do to prevent falling victim to Card Not Present fraud:

Always check your bank statement for suspicious transactions when disposing of bank statements – and any other receipts and financial information – you should shred or burn them.

    • Never leave your card or your card details lying around and never let anyone else use your card.
    • Never divulge your PIN to anyone.
    • Use the card security products offered by merchants on-line
    • When shopping online, only place orders with your card on a secure website
    • Do not send e-mails that quote your card number, expiry date or any card details
    • Report any irregularities noticed on your bank statements to your bank immediately you become aware of them.

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