E-PPAN Training

E-PPAN training institute is a focused based electronic payment, e-commerce and e-business training institute with an international outreach. Over time we have realized a dearth of knowledge and skills as a challenge to the development of various organizations and institutions within the e-payment industry. We are therefore committed to promoting a vibrant and reformed e-service, a result-oriented management culture and high capacity staff. We have developed a strong reputation for quality training to be delivered by facilitators with in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise. Our trainings have been designed to be experiential and interactive.

E-PPAN provides specialized and dedicated electronic payment courses for the personals of banks, corporate entities, government agencies and interested stakeholders in the Nigerian financial space. Our trains include Cyber Security Fundamentals; Risk Management Strategy; Local Government Training; PCIP; CISSP; CSF; COBIT5 etc

One area that has lagged behind in the fight against electronic fraud in Nigeria is the collaboration with the law enforcement agencies and judiciary in the prosecution and adjudication of e-payment crime. E-PPAN conceptualized a holistic approach to train the Nigeria Judiciary Council by embarking on a yearly event in collaboration with other industry bodies to educate and enlighten the judiciary on e-Payment System and processes.This training session goes a long way to provide speedy judgment by the judiciary on e-payment fraud matters