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Who we are

The E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria (E-PPAN) is a non-profit organization representing the Nigerian e-payment industry and its body of stakeholders, with a holistic, result –oriented approach to driving the growth of e-payment industry in Nigeria.

E-PPAN is established with the objective of providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the e-payment industry to interact and reach common agreement on various industry issues.

Currently, E-PPAN has over 60 corporate members and her membership spans through multiple industries, including financial institutions, all major switches, card acquirers, ecommerce, telecoms, issuers and processors in Nigeria while the Governing Board comprises of current industry leaders.

Much of our activities are driven through Advocacy, Publications; Conferences; Capacity building and Public Campaigns Initiatives.

What we do

E-PPAN’s influence is directly linked to its capacity to interact and partner with the Central Bank of Nigeria on regulations that govern the electronic payments industry. We influence the policy environment by applying pressure strategically to key decision makers to change the business environments positively for our members. We keep bring our members up to speed on policies and regulatory decisions impacting our industry.

E-PPAN advances the interests of our members by working vigorously to represent their views. Our strategy includes cultivating professional relationships with other industry professional groups and international organizations that are the key drivers in the industry.

E-PPAN’s desired result is to be heard and to ensure that members interest are taken care of by collaborating on key issues to find answers to business challenges that affect the safety and security of payments. As an Association, we try to facilitate the resolutions of issues between our members. We are very objective and deal with issues using integrity. We ensure that critical issues are factored into perspective for the growth and advancement of the payment industry in Nigeria.


7th November, 2017

The Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

18th – 19th July, 2018

Sheu-Musa Yar’Adua Centre,
FCT, Abuja.