The E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria (E-PPAN) is a non-profit organization representing the Nigerian e-payment industry and its body of stakeholders, with a holistic, result –oriented approach to driving the growth of e-payment industry in Nigeria.

E-PPAN is established with the objective of providing a platform for all the stakeholders of the e-payment industry to interact and reach common agreement on various industry issues.

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What we do


Advocacy is a key aspect of E-PPAN’s overall strategic approach. Our defined priority is to assist members in influencing the development of appropriate standards for the common benefit of the electronic payment industry… read more

Capacity Building

E-PPAN provides specialized and dedicated electronic payment courses for the personals of banks, corporate entities, government agencies and interested stakeholders in the Nigerian financial space… read more


The E-Government Summit 2017 is designed to bring decision makers and thought leaders in the private and public sector on a single platform to discuss, network and set an agenda that will yield quantum result…read more

Public Campaign Initiative

Since the takeoff of the cashless policy in 2012 in Lagos state, the E-Payment Providers Association of Nigeria E-PPAN has partnered with the Central Bank of Nigeria to create awareness on the policy… read more


E-Payment Review magazine, a quarterly publication is the official publication of E-PPAN. The magazine started as a pull out in the Businessday newspaper in 2009 and became a stand-alone publication in 2011…read more

Regional Integration

E-PPAN is working closely with the Economic Commission of West Africa to promote an efficient and effective payment system in the sub-region and further explore possible avenues of achieving economic integration… read more